Let's Go Party Cagayan de Oro!!! :D

When sunset starts specially on weekends and the weather is beginning to make people just a little bit more cheerful and evenings are getting brighter with different lights in Cagayan de Oro. Then it’s lovely to be able to sit outside a trendy bar and drink refreshing drinks on a pleasant evening before you head to the nightclubs to party. Everyone seems in a much better mood and out to have a good time. A lot of people tend to hibernate during the crisis, but this is the time of the year when Cagayan de Oro nightlife really comes to be alive again. It’s a fantastic atmosphere and one that can’t be beaten. So let yourself and the brighter evenings get you in the mood and start enjoying the Party in Cagayan de ORO bars and clubs! Lets Go Party! See yah........... - By: Kezzey Kaye


Mariel said...

Hi, Do you know the best bars or disco bars in Cagayan de Oro? I know there are a lot but it's still good to know the best, fun and safe place to enjoy and party in.

Mariel from Cagayan de Oro ( http://www.cdokay.com)

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