My nightlife experience in Cagayan de Oro.....

My life before in Cagayan de Oro is so FUN, full of Party and Enjoyment..... I kinda call myself a Party animal that time. Those were a very meaningful life of mine because I enjoy different kind of dates, gatherings and parties and been to different bars in Cagayan de Oro hanging out with friends. It's a kind of party that made me so addicted into dancing so wild and dance every beat of the music. I also happen to encountered drinking beside the creek or beach or anywhere as long as there is a parking lot and we can do the partying!!!! So wild, so fun and free. It came to a point wherein I sleep in a day and party at night or even no sleeping at all just to party with my friends. That's how I crave to party in Cagayan de Oro. I cant stop myself partying to the point I cant concentrate in my studies, do absent or cutting classes just to party. Imagine how wild I've been. From then I leave Cagayan de Oro because I realize I cant study or work well when I'm there. I came here in Makati Manila for Five years working. So totally different kind and lonely life so I tried to party here in manila. Kinda pricey and I did enjoy too but it's nothing compare in my nightlife in Cagayan de Oro. And honestly I miss the boys, the partying and the so much fun! For me Cagayan de Oro will always be very special place for me. Partying in Cagayan de Oro is so different and unique! My sexy and hottie friends are there who keeps me company, my families are there.... So now I finally decided I should go back and stay in Cagayan de Oro for good and have a good living there and full of party! See yah in Cagayan de Oro bars! Most probably I'll be at Site Limketkai! :D - By: Kezzey Kaye


Mariel said...

Wow Kaye, sounds like you party a lot in the city. True, Cagayan de Oro is a place in Mindanao where you can party a lot. Disco bars are everywhere.

So if you are a party freak, Cagayan de Oro
is a place for you!

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