Think Beads By Kate Designs For Kikay Ladies

N0211 faceted swarovski crystals
SRP: Php1200

W0601 violet and white swarovski torque neckpiece
SRP: Php1000

N0208 black and white swarovski necklace with charms
SRP: Php300

N0228 locket with charms
SRP: Php450

N0213 Red murano glass in red cord necklace
SRP: Php250

B0121 murano glass with black swarovski bracelet
SRP: Php300

N0222 blue teardrop and white swarovski necklace and earrings
SRP: Php650

B0126 two strand rose quartz bracelet rosette
SRP: Php350

B0106 red and white swarovski bracelet with charms
SRP: Php350

B0107 bracelet black and light brown swarovski with charms
SRP: Php300

B0104 black and red swarovski
SRP: Php300

B0102 green and white swarovski rosette
SRP: Php300

N0202 butterfly trinket with violet teardrop swarovski and light brown swarovski with charms
Php: 500

If you want to ask or make an order, kindly contact us at +639063766868.

You don't have to fill up order forms to avoid hassle. Just make sure that you will get what you have reserved. NO BOGUS BUYERS OR JOY RESERVERS PLEASE.

Meet ups are done at Makati City or somewhere around MOA. Prices of the items does not include the shipping fee if you are outside metro manila or cannot do meet ups.

Shipping fees are shouldered by the buyers.
Prices are as follows:

Shipping prices comes with additional:
1. Valuation Charge- P2.00/P100.00
2. Insurance Charge -P2.00/P100.00

These prices are for a minimum of 500g only. if the item exceeds 500g or a fraction thereof, there is an additional 50 php.

official courier:JRS express

Payment for the items can be made through:
-Western Union

These are actual photos.

Thank You!
Happy Shopping!

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